thinking and acting

More and more organisations invest in coaching for their senior managers, professionals and executives. And that has a good reason. By improving the performance of the most influential people in your organisation, you can ultimately improve the results at the organisational level. Senior managers contribute consciously and unconsciously to what the organisation stands for: culture, values, leadership, behaviour. What they convey and how they behave, is often a role model for the people around them and the ones they manage, both positively and negatively. It is essential to know how you can be more conscious of this, how to reflect on own and others' behaviour, to learn how to recognise certain conscious and unconscious behaviour and if necessary how to change it. Possible results include: increasing the scope, flexibility and effectiveness of behavioural repertoire and renewed motivation.

The ultimate goal of a coaching program is: to increase self-awareness, the clarification of personal goals, motives and motivations; strengthen the ability of the individual to build and maintain effective relationships, strengthen the decision-making power; self-management.